A very high ROI

SMS marketing or text message marketing allows you to use text message to send messages like alerts, discounts, deals, coupons, etc., directly to your audience’s mobile devices. The average person checks their phone an average of 150 times a day so you can imagine the effectiveness of branded sms campaigns.

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Boost Your Conversion Rate

Get ahead of the competition

In 2019, there are 161.8 million mobile network subscribers in Pakistan alone. Branded SMS marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness among the masses. With an open rate of 95%, SMS marketing is becoming one of the most sought-after marketing services.

Fast and Effective

Get your message across in seconds

Tech Garage can send bulk branded messages to your target audience within seconds. We segregate demographics based on the specific area of the city you would like to reach and offer further classifications.

We Cover All Networks Across Pakistan

The benefits of opting for branded SMS service



Target not just smart phone users, but everyone.



Advertise in regions which do not have internet connectivity.



Let old customers know you haven’t forgotten them.



Keep a close eye on the number of leads converted.



Best return on investment compared to other techniques.


Get clicks

A higher click through rate than most advertisements.

Reliable Marketing Solution

Masking for brand identification

Tech Garage is a fully licensed SMS marketer that works in close coordination with its clients to send branded SMS to prospective customers. We are authorized by all mobile networks of Pakistan to make use of masking to send out brand text messages. Promotional text messages when attached with a brand name result in a more positive outcome.

Increase Conversions

A result-oriented approach

The SMS marketing approach is adopted by first specifying the demographics and gender of your target audience. After audience classification, we help you reach your customers in the regions you prefer.

Cross Borders with Tech Garage

Reach an international audience

Tech Garage works in close coordination with two major international mobile network providers that helps us cater to clients on a global level. We can help you generate leads beyond borders. Whether you need to broadcast a promotional or transcriptional message, we can do it for you.

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