Content Marketing – A Game Changer

“Content marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” – Content Marketing Institute.

It’s not an exaggeration but a real time fact that content marketing has turned the tables for whole advertising world. It has become a strategic marketing approach which, instead of show casing a brand itself, focuses on the creation of content that is engaging & attractive. The prime purpose is to create belief and trust among targeted audience for a brand. By focusing on informative and tasks-oriented needs, your audience will rely on your guidance, perceive your company’s kind incentive and develop a loyal connection with your business.

While traditional marketing is becoming less effective and efficient due to its high cost and low reach, content marketing is getting popular among marketers in digital world.

Because of rapid growing internet reach around the globe, people are getting more information about brands and becoming more confident about their buying choices. With an extensive variety of information available at hands, people are sufficiently skilled to examine and utilize it to make smart purchasing choices.

Today all, small to prominent, organizations are creating content to attract audience or to plant their impression on people’s mind so they won’t forget the organization. The hype content marketing has got in recent times is mainly because of the fact that it costs low and consumes less time. Content is easily and swiftly spreadable across globe and the scope of people it reaches is vast. People recognize brands not only by their products but with their social campaigns too. If you have got great content, marketing your business is not an issue.

“Content is Present & Future of Marketing”

Some marketers still consider content marketing an underdog. Nonetheless it actually is a game changer for digital marketing world. MarketingProfs has reported that the most successful B2B marketers allocate more than 39% of their marketing budget to their content. According to report, the content marketing industry will be a 300-billion dollar industry by 2019, which is more than double in four years.

Content is being produced every day by millions of organizations, but what makes it captivating and marketable depends mainly on three factors:

Relevance: Keeping the content relevant to the topic of your campaign and targeted audience is the most necessary factor to observe while creating it. To build a loyal and trusting relation with your audience you need to create content on their terms instead of marketing what you want to sell.

Uniqueness: Content marketing pays off bests when you create or serve unmet needs of your audience. Uniqueness is necessary to construct long lasting impact on people. The algorithm of search engines is too smart to differentiate between original and duplicate content. Hence unique campaigns always go long way in marketing for producing impacts.

Accessibility & Receptivity: The sole purpose of creating content is to provide consumers with something that will help or guide them. This will eventually create a trust and loyalty factor between business and consumers. However, the content should be easily available and understandable. It has to be easy to comprehend because the easier it is to understand, the more audience it will attract.

“Content is the King of Marketing”

Content marketing has evolved a lot in the past few years. The standards of content creation are getting strict every day because people are becoming pickier than ever. But the great thing about it is, it supports your other marketing efforts, brings traffic to your website and generate leads. Moreover, people who avoid ads can be targeted through quality content towards your website. All in all, there is a lot to achieve through content marketing, provided it compromises nowhere on quality, uniqueness and value.

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