An insight into the conversion process

Do your leads run cold? Let us figure out the cause, fix it and increase your conversion rate! Our experts will help you understand and revamp your online business processes for better results.

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Close More Deals

Improve Your Lead Generation

Even after using marketing and SEO tools, are you still having trouble making enough sales? Let us analyze your lead generation and conversion process to gauge where the problem lies. We will help you identify the issues and develop strategies and solutions to tackle them.

Lead Flow Examination

An insight into lead flow process

To successfully close a sale, effective communication channels with your audience are a must. These help raise awareness, create interest in your offerings and ultimately help the visitors in making the decision to buy your product or service. Our specialists study and improve various mechanisms involved in this process so your leads are converted to satisfied customers.

A Deep Dive into the World of Conversions

Get the Maximum Benefit out of Your Marketing Campaigns

Sales Process Analysis12

Sales Process Analysis

We find loopholes that deter a lead from becoming fruitful.

Landing Pages12

Landing Pages

We create eye-catching landing pages for a compelling CTA.

Multivariate Testing13

Multivariate Testing

We identify the most effective message via multivariate testing.

UX Analysis15

UX Analysis

Our UX analysis determines user friendliness of your UI.

A_B Testing14

A/B Testing

We research the most successful websites for your industry

Conversion Tracking12

Conversion Tracking

We analyze which efficacy of your channels and campaigns.

Bespoke Landing Pages

Get the Best First Impression

The landing page is of the utmost importance. It should be aesthetically pleasing while offering the information a potential customer is looking for. Tech Garage team creates customized landing pages that satisfy your business needs.

Easy Navigation

User friendliness is the key!

One of the major reasons for potential customers to leave a website is if it has a hard to navigate or has a confusing interface. As part of our conversion optimization service, we offer optimization across all devices. By working closely with your design team, we offer our expert opinion on the changes that need to be made to make your UI offer a more pleasant user experience.

Formula for Success

Get More Conversions with Smart Work

For a rapidly growing business it may sometimes be difficult to identify your most successful channels from your ineffective ones. Tech Garage offers to measure your conversions at a granular level which helps you understand your success rate with respect to each individual campaign. Based on analysis of historical data you get a useful insight as to which messages and campaigns result in more conversions and have the most sales potential.

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