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Let us create engaging and attractive display ads and place them on websites that your target audience visits. Ad banners can either be used to connect to a specific demographic or be placed on websites for increased engagement and leads. The Tech Garage team is experienced in developing long-term display ad strategies for sustainable marketing and maximum ROI.

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Expand Your Reach

Understanding Display Advertising

Display advertising, also known as banner advertising, can improve your lead generation. Display campaigns are launched on the Google Display Network which includes millions of websites, blogs, and Google sites such as Gmail and YouTube. Essentially, you can access the majority of internet users worldwide if you choose display advertising as a marketing tool. Our team of display advertising experts will design and execute successful ad campaigns that fit your business and budget needs.

Drive Brand Awareness

Research-Based Strategies

One of the biggest benefits of banner advertising is that it tracks user behavior in order to put the right ad in front of the right customer. This increases your chances of converting prospects into sales. Tech Garage experts serve up ads on third-party websites, either based on the content of the website or the visitor’s behavior pattern.

Aim for Long-Term Success

Grow Your Business with Efficient Use of Banner Ads

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We gather insight on interests and demographics.

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We help you decide a budget for the campaign.



We create strategies based on your goals.



We create compelling ads to showcase your product.



We place the ads on relevant platforms.



We tweak campaigns based on the results.

The Power of Display Ads

Upsell or Remarket

There are many benefits of display advertising. We can help you reconnect with the missed leads by targeting them with display ads. This is known as remarketing and it can be used across devices and platforms. For example, if someone visited your website on their mobile phone but didn’t complete the desired action, they may later see your ad on their Facebook homepage. Furthermore, we can also create campaigns that let you upsell to your current customers. For example, by showing them additional products or services they can purchase.

Custom Built Landing Pages

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

An exceptional banner ad campaign will not generate the results it should if your website landing pages are poorly built. Websites with technical issues or a poorly constructed UI have high bounce rates. To get you a great ROI, our team of marketing experts makes sure that everything, from finding a creative concept to designing display ads and setting up a landing page with a relevant call-to-action, is in-line with your marketing objectives.

Programmatic Campaigns

Welcome to the Future

Programmatic Advertising is automated bidding that takes place in milliseconds that a website takes to load. It offers advertisers the opportunity to show a banner ad to a specific customer, in a specific context. Nowadays many web pages are configured for programmatic advertising and most of the non-search digital ad spend goes into programmatic trading on company banner ads. Tech Garage can help you gain the most ROI from your display ads by setting up programmatic campaigns for you.

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