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Is your website penalized by Google and you can’t figure out why? Are the toxic backlinks the reason for it? Is it due to poor SEO strategy? Leave it to the experts to look for the cause and rectify it.

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Fix Faulty SEO Practices

Get Your Search Results Back

Have you received a notification by Google, informing you of your website being penalized? Confused about what it means? Well, this means that your website’s ranking on Google has suffered a negative impact. Our SEO experts will launch a thorough investigation to identify the cause behind this penalty and the resulting loss to your website traffic and fix it to bring back your ranking.

An Extensive Link Inspection

Identify and improve poor links

Toxic and bad incoming links are a major cause for incurring a Google penalty. With our Google penalty assessment service, we inspect the source and quality of links to identify the effect they are having on your website. Penalties are passed onto your website when any linked website is penalized for toxic links.

Penalty-Proof SEO Strategies

Achieve long-lasting growth through white-hat SEO channels


Backlink Analysis

We inspect your link portfolio to identify and retain useful links.



SEO strategies are assessed to identify damaging SEO practices.

Removal RequestsDAC

Removal Requests

We file a penalty removal request on your behalf.

Link Disavowdf

Link Disavow

We disavow any links that is causing your business harm.

Manual Reviewsada

Manual Review

We ensure your content adheres to Google webmaster’s guidelines.

real time reprting


We keep you abreast of the latest search engine guidelines.

Inspection and Planning

Quality Matters More Than Quantity

Search engines deem websites populated with content and spammy keywords just for the sake of achieving a higher ranking to be malicious and toxic. Such websites result in being deindexed. We discard the poor-quality work and add useful content in its place to remedy any damage.

We Help You With

Our Revisions Create Long-Lasting Positive Change

We test each SEO strategy you are currently using to determine its effectiveness in adding value to your business. We minimize the risk of future penalties by implementing only white-hat SEO techniques and helping you develop secure strategies that have lasting impact.

Make the Right Decisions

Get a Detailed Report

After going through the content on your website, we provide you with an in-depth report of what steps need to be taken to remove the penalty. As part of our Google penalty assessment, we provide you with a list of actions that will improve your ranking and standings once more. These steps are in adherence with the search engine guidelines.

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