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Find and connect with your current brand advocates through our influencer marketing services, as well as, identify new influencers that are relevant to your demographic. From strategy to influencer selection to launching campaigns and tracking results, the team at Tech Garage has got you covered.

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Understanding Marketing

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Social media influencers are users on social media who have established their credibility in a particular industry. Influencer’s can also be already established businesses, such as digital publications. Being a form of collaboration, influencer marketing is working closely with this individual or publication’s social forum to promote your service or product. In today’s world, influencers and digital publications can offer brands more value than traditional marketing approaches.

Selection of the Right Influencers

Create the perfect organic connections

The Tech Garage team determines your target audience and then filters out the social media influencers and publications to approach specifically for your brand. When your brand is displayed and promoted on such a large and reliable digital scale, it increases credibility for your target audience and prospective clients.

Broadcast to Your Influencers Audience

Get more traction with the following steps

Discover Audience

Discover Audience

We find and target hard-to-reach audiences.

Create Strategy

Create Strategy

We determine where and what your buyers want to see.

Influencer Selection

Influencer selection

We help you pick the best influencers for your brand.

Campaign Launch

Campaign launch

We start posting and engaging with the audience.

Data Gathering

Data gathering

We keep you abreast of all the results.

Full Transparency

Full transparency

We involve you in as many decisions as you want.

The 3 R’s

Relevance. Reach. Resonance.

Gaining visibility in front of an audience that isn’t interested in your product and/or service is a waste of time, effort and money. Our influencer marketing services give you the chance to reach the relevant audience through the right platforms and resonate with them by launching engaging campaigns and publishing riveting content.

Live Reporting

Get the data you care about

As part of our influencer marketing services, you get to follow along with the campaign as we roll it out. Through live reporting you can gauge the engagement your content is getting. The effectiveness of each campaign is determined the likes, comments, inquiries and the new followers it garners for your brand.

Impact over Noise

Get the most out of it

For a better return on investment, our social media marketing experts do not collaborate solely with single entities. For an effective outcome, we work in close coordination with a number of influencers and digital publications to gauge which ones have better results and the ones that are not up to par. The next strategies are planned accordingly and fruitful forums are majorly focused on.

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