Interactive Voice Response

The Best Customer Service Tool

Everyone wants to be heard. IVR lets you automate your interaction with customers helping you resolve their problems quickly and effortlessly. Tech Garage offers complete IVR solutions, along with budget friendly options for our local and international customers.

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What Is IVR

Automate Inbound Calls Effectively

An IVR system is brilliant yet simple. It is a series of pre-recorded voice notes, which routes the customer to the relevant channels by the use of dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) or through spoken language using AI-driven Voice Recognition software. These voice messages and the associated menu options can be customized as per your business needs. An effective IVR system includes the option to transfer the call to a human.

Multiple Applications

Impressive Return on Investment

Initially, IVR was implemented as just a customer service tool. Now it has found a place in inbound and outbound sales, marketing strategies, loyalty programs, payment systems, operations, and more. Added benefit of IVR is a significant reduction in the chance for human errors due to complete automation.

Benefits of an IVR System

Built in Customer Service and Support


Boost Sales

Never lose a customer due to wait times.


Happy Customers

Route calls to qualified individuals.


Save Time

Answer queries instantly.


Minimize Costs

Save on hiring personnel.


Scale Smoothly

Handle an increase in volume.


Record Keeping

We offer tailor-made packages.

Connect More Efficiently

Cater to a High Volume of Calls

These days customers prefer being self-sufficient, while businesses want to improve customer experiences without increasing costs. IVR reduces call handling time and the resources needed to address customer queries. It can help in assessing the needs of a caller before their call is even picked by a human. This improves efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

Protect Your Clients

Never Compromise on Privacy

IVR systems are a safe medium for entering a pin code and credit card information for various platforms. IVR hosting is also used for mobile and landline devices to deliver one-time pin codes. Moreover, the information you enter will not be visible to the customer services representative, protecting it from being misused.

Reach Across Borders

Deploy the Right System for You

Our collaboration with Monty Mobiles and Infobip, helps us cater to a brand’s international IVR needs. Tech Garage’s IVR services are now available in over 25 languages and regional dialects to help you connect and interact with your audience globally.

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