Get rid of bad links 

Our specialized service will help remove poor quality external links on your website which cause more harm than good to your business. This will improve your SEO ranking and increase your website’s visibility.

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Make Your Website Credible

Get Your Google Ranking Back on Track

We help you find the root cause for the failure of your existing SEO strategy. With numerous variables impacting the search engine algorithm and your Google ranking, one false move can negatively affect your efforts. Our experts analyze your website with a fine-toothed comb to pin-point toxic links or any SEO malpractices.

Bad Link Examination

We Will Inspect and Rate Your Links

Our SEO experts will check and verify each and every link your website is associated with. As per new policies search engines do not favor websites that have any links with websites associated with spamming and toxic content. We will identify such links and make a report on them for you.

A Detailed Approach to Bad Link Removal

Enhance your SEO performance by Building a healthy link profile

Link Disavowdf

Link Assessment

We check all the links to your website and assess their worth.

SEO Analysis12

SEO Analysis

We determine the cause behind the bad links.

Automated Removal123

Automated Removal

We use webmasters to report these links and clean your website.

manua; Removal123

Manual Removal

We visit any remaining bad links and remove them from the source.

Link Disavowdf

Disavow Bad Links

Links that cannot be removed are disavowed.

Positive Link Building12

Positive Link Building

We introduce healthy links to help improve the ranking of your site.

Toxic Link Elimination

Stay away from toxic links!

The process of Google link removal can either be as simple as removing a post or it can be a fairly tedious process where one might have to report content as well. Depending on the type of approach required, We offer both automatic and manual link removal services. Our experts remove links carefully and efficiently to get your SEO plan back on track.

Disavowing Bad Links

Dissociate from the negative

If the process of link removal fails, our experts do damage control to minimize the harm of the bad links on the SEO performance of your website. Our link disavow service makes use of webmasters to disavow links that you were not involved in creating or do not support.

SEO Campaign Investigation

We find out what went wrong

A key step for successful long-term SEO performance is knowing the reasons why your website ended up with harmful links. A common black hat or unethical SEO techniques is posting bad links on a business competitors’ website. Tech Garage bars all such efforts which may negatively impact your SEO performance and builds a good link campaign that will dilute the effect of bad links.

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