Target Customers via Mobile

About half of the world’s population can access the internet from their mobile phones. To fully reach out and cater to your target audience in today’s world, mobile PPC marketing campaigns are crucial. Through excellently strategized and managed mobile PPC campaigns, you can increase the visibility of your brand to people on the go.

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Mobile Search Is a Way of Life

Dominate the Online Sphere

Mobile internet users are increasing rapidly. It is estimated that approximately 48% of internet users access the internet via their smartphones and this statistic is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Many consumers use their mobile to search for products and services. Partner with Tech Garage to dominate online spaces with systematically placed ads for maximum leads and conversions. We run PPC campaigns on all major search engines.

Optimized Landing Pages

Creating a Long Lasting First Impression

Most consumers will not recommend a brand with a bad mobile site. Furthermore, many consumers switch between devices to accomplish their purchasing goals. Tech Garage designs websites which are optimized across devices to deliver a great mobile experience to your prospects and customers. We can boost your customer retention and lead generation.

PPC Brings More Business to You

Here Are the Steps Involved


Define Audience

Who are your prospects and customers.



We choose action-oriented keywords.


Get Creative

Design compelling ads for your brand.



Incorporate calls to action.


Maximize ROI

Deliver a great mobile experience.


Constantly Optimize

Tweak campaigns based on results.

Customized PPC Campaigns

Reach Internet Users Effortlessly

The world of mobile marketing is ever evolving. With every new change in policies and search engine algorithms, businesses need to alter their marketing strategies. Tech Garage stays on top of all mobile marketing trends and modifies mobile PPC strategies in real time for an efficient and result-oriented working model.

Cuts Costs, Choose Automation

Get more return on investment

As a budget friendly option, we also offer automation of pay-per-click campaigns. Automation offers consistency across ad groups and campaigns. Based on the progress of a campaign, a search engine will automatically highlight successful keywords and eliminate those which do not do as well. This results in a significant decrease in marketing expenditure and offers more ROI as compared to a manually controlled PPC campaign.

Combine and Conquer

Apply a Multi-Channel Approach

Online marketing campaigns are more effective when a variety of online channels are utilized. While mobile PPC can be can be adopted as a stand alone strategy, Tech Garage recommends combining it with social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, display advertising, etc. to maximize your brand’s online exposure.

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