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Pay-Per-Click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is a model of internet marketing which helps businesses increase traffic to their website and improve their conversion rates. Tech Garage can help you run high performance PPC campaigns. We use data-driven insights to get you the best ROI for your business.

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Captivate Your Audience

Use the Correct Keywords

Pay-per-click campaigns by Tech Garage are run after conducting a thorough research of the keywords that need to be used. We make a genuine effort to get to know your business, consumers and competitors as we conduct keyword research for your PPC campaigns. The right keywords compel the target audience to click on an ad to know more about a brand.

Customized Ads

Bring New Customers to Your Door

Pay-per-click campaign management services offered by us focus on maximizing return on investment. All ads are first tested and their click-through and conversion rates determined. Only the most effective and impactful ads are then selected and placed at locations which resonate with your target audience to ensure a positive outcome.

Comprehensive PPC Campaigns and Solutions

Our PPC Services Are Planned to the Tiniest Detail



We analyze your PPC marketing needs.



We design a custom PPC campaign.



We design appealing ads and banners.



We use multiple PPC management tools.



We monitor all campaigns closely.



We share progress reports with you.

Compelling Landing Pages

First Impression Counts

Landing pages are key factors in swaying a potential customer’s decision. Tech Garage creates awe-inspiring landing pages with compelling call to actions to complement PPC campaigns. Our team of experts also monitor each journey a user takes on your website and uncovers powerful terms that drive conversions.

PPC Automation

Value Optimization via Automated PPC

Our services include automated pay-per-click campaigns. Our SEO experts keep a close eye on the whole process, filtering out keywords which aren’t high performing and replacing them with successful ones. Automation also helps in canceling ads which do not generate desired results, while promoting the ones that do.

Complete Transparency

Get Real-Time Reports

The team at Tech Garage believes in transparency. We encourage our clients to be in direct communication with our PPC experts and encourage regular reviews to ensure everything is on track. Our real-time reports show the effectiveness of the ads in place and we continually monitor both short and long-term performance of our PPC campaigns.

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