Our SEO experts can organically have your business appear on the first page of search engines with white-hat SEO techniques. We make use of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to make sure that your business gets the exposure and viability it needs. Our process includes analyzing your current content and SEO techniques first and then building a better and effective strategy on top of it.
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TGN offers 

First page rankings.
Our experts perfect each and every on-page element.
SEO (search engine optimization) works on the principle of altering and tweaking your website to increase your visibility amid competitors. With correct optimization, your ranking among other businesses can increase when the service or product you provide is searched. TGN thoroughly inspects your website and optimizes it efficiently by developing competitive approaches making use of interlinking strategies, content enhancement, resulting in better SEO performance.

Our off-page strategies 

Inbound links, directed to your website also help greatly in increasing its keyword ranking on Google. Over the years Tech Garage Now has successfully developed inbound linking strategies for multiple businesses that ensure first page ranking, and continues to do so.


The experts on-board first analyse your website and later come up with solutions and efforts to resolve issues and enhance SEO performance.


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors and identify the SEO related efforts

made by them.


We make sure that your website and its content are SEO optimized i.e. relevant meta tags, keyword stuffing & more.


External efforts such as enhancing off-site presence, link building and connection with the correct channels are made.


We give our clients an extensive breakdown as to how and what the strategies in place are and their results.


Since the SEO process is ongoing, we keep tabs on all new trends and techniques and implement them to maintain a high ranking.

We listen to you! 

Get customized SEO solutions.
All services by Tech Garage Now are provided by keeping the needs and requirements of the client in mind. Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your website as is and its online stature, SEO wise. We then take the time to understand your goals and develop solutions accordingly.

Rule Search Results

Get highly searchable keywords and rule the online sphere
Since the secret of SEO predominantly lies in keywords, our SEO experts search for the most relevant keywords for your business to ensure a ranking suitable as per your objectives. We enhance search performance by balancing the relevance of your keywords to your audience and their search volume.

We give you 

Quantifiable success
Tech Garage Now offers full transparency that ensures our clients are kept in the loop at every step of the way. We provide our clients with a full understanding of all strategies placed, on-page and off-page and how, what and where the action is taking place. We also offer our clients a dashboard where they can keep track of all strategies placed in real time.
Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!