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Communicating regularly with your customers is essential to building strong and long lasting relationships with them. Shortcodes are an effective sms marketing and customer interaction tool that helps you reach out to your clients regularly and get an immediate response from them.

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Understanding Shortcode

Send High Volume Messages

Shortcodes are random or vanity phone numbers that companies can use to send and receive SMS or MMS messages. They are ‘short’ (5-6 digits) by definition because they are meant to be easily remembered by customers. Shortcodes are ideal for sending text blasts that can drive new and existing traffic to your website and business number.

One-Way vs Two-Way Shortcodes

A Spike in Conversions

Two-way shortcodes work differently than a mere specific number used for broadcast messages. An example of a two-way shortcode can be the process of activating caller tunes on mobile phones; the customer has to send a specified code to the mobile network provider’s shortcode number. Two-way shortcodes are ideal if the goal of your mobile marketing campaign is to boost conversions.

The Shortcode Advantage

Achieve Your Business Goals


Instant Response

Skip the wait time of phone calls.


Opt-In Service

Let your customers be in control.



Become memorable with a shortcode.


Frequent Campaigns

Build loyalty through competitions.


Conduct Surveys

Use the feedback to improve.


Nurture Relationships

Help your customers get heard.

Expand Your Business

A Touch Point for Your Customers

Capturing mobile phone numbers is one of the best marketing efforts a brand can take part in. A large number of brands suffer from a lack of ongoing communication with their customer base. The Tech Garage team can help your customers feel heard and help you track their experiences in real-time.

Powerful. Reliable. Simple

The Power of Sms Marketing

Everyone texts! Reach them with the help of the Tech Garage team anytime, anywhere. We have volume based plans, along with custom pricing packages, for our shortcode services.

A Solution For Every Pocket

Shared Vs Designated Shortcodes

For a cost-effective solution, shared shortcodes are used by companies. Each company registers a specific keyword on the shared shortcode which lets sms providers know which brand a consumer is trying to text message. Only those keywords can be chosen which are not already in use by another brand. Conversely, you can purchase and use a dedicated shortcode. With a dedicated shortcode, you will not be restricted in your selection of sms keywords.

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