Social Media Marketing Services

Get The Most Out Of Being Social
Increased engagements, leads and conversions with extensive Social Media Marketing.
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Build An Audience 

It all starts with identifying the right audience.
The first step in building a successful social media marketing campaign is defining the buyers. Based on the product or service you are putting out, we build a relevant audience, keeping heed of their demographics and psychographics. Having an appropriate and thriving pool is one of the most important aspects of effective social media marketing and we provide you with it.

An Efficient Ad Management Module

Customized ads for increased engagement across platforms.
We first define ad objectives, and then produce compelling ads which are targeted to the relevant audience at the right time and platform for an increased number of leads generated. When the right audience is exposed to the right ad at the right time, the conversion rate for generated leads is significantly increased.

Our Working Model

To increase your social media presence, visibility and engagement we implement the following processes:


We first conduct a thorough competitor’s analysis to identify the marketing tactics implemented by them.


After analyzing, we work with you in determining your goals. All marketing content and strategies will be produced based on them.


Our social media marketing experts come up with result-oriented strategies and timelines.


The finalized strategies will be worked on. New content pertaining to the goals set will be created and posted.


Depending on the feedback and engagement of the posted content, optimizations will be made accordingly in real-time.


Once the content is live, we will reach out to you on a regular basis with updates and progress reports for your comprehensibility.

Re-marketing For Lost Leads

We leave no stone unturned to get your leads back.
Being aware of and by practicing the latest social media marketing techniques, our experts make use of custom audience and lookalike audience tools to retarget your audience pool with relevant advertisements. We post eye-catching and to the point ads, relevant to the audience’s browsing, at the right time to turn lost leads into healthy ones.

Lead Generation

A comprehensive approach to generating market competitive leads.
After the careful and successful selection of the right audience, our experts target them on various platforms with relevant and attractive ads to mature weak leads and generate new market competitive ones. Tech Garage Now offers more than SMM service to build your business.

Real-Time Ad Optimization

Live-tracking progress and making changes.
The social media marketers at Tech Garage Now keep close surveillance on all implemented ad campaigns to deduce real-time reports. Once we gauge the engagement, feedback and success of each post, we then optimize it accordingly for maximum return on investment. Being a fully transparent company, we also present our clients with a monthly progress report for better understanding.
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