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Tech Garage is committed to bringing you complete web optimization solutions. Our specialized development solutions range from performance and content optimization services to regulation and compliance checks.

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Complete Website Examination

Tailoring for Maximum Speed

A website utilizing the latest plugins and codes would neither lag nor malfunction. The developers and SEO experts at Tech Garage will make use of the latest optimization techniques and tweak your content, code and hosting services for improved loading speed.

User Friendly Website

Comply with ADA

Tech Garage believes in catering to all individuals equally. We have experience building websites which adhere to guidelines on making your website accessible for people with special needs under section 508 of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This includes meeting the standards for text elements, audio and visual plug-ins, and easier navigation.

Specialized Design & Development

We Optimize for All Your Needs


508 Site Audit

Inspection for any lapses in compliance.


Visual Media Transcripts

Special navigation plugins added.


Design Update

Suited for the visually impaired.


Content Optimization

Reduce bandwidth consumption.


Code Updating

Implement latest language.


360° Maintenance

Strive for continuous improvement

Catering to the Color-Blind

Tailor Made Solutions

While some websites may be visually appealing to those that can view colors normally, they can be rather dull and dreary for those who are unable to see the full spectrum of colors. We can select color schemes with a lot of consideration for a better viewing experience for all. Moreover, for additional comfort, we also allow our viewers to customize the website’s colors for an improved viewing experience.

Keeping up with Technology

Get Ahead of the Competition

Most SEO techniques, plugins, and codes that worked in your favor a few months ago, may now be the factors that weigh down your website. As technology evolves, websites need to be optimized accordingly to maintain smooth functionality and efficiency. Complete website optimization solutions offered by Tech Garage help you do just that.

Keep on Top of Maintenance

Ongoing and Scheduled Checking

We never want you to lose customers. Therefore, we offer ongoing specialized web maintenance services and a dedicated project manager to our clients. Our team is trained to give you the best customer service possible. Try us today!

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