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Your company website should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy. Tech Garage creates custom websites to help brands maximize their online exposure and gain the most from their marketing campaigns.

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Proper Planning Averts Failure

The Tech Garage team values comprehensive brainstorming sessions before beginning a website development project. We consider everything from your brand identity and buyer personas to your website objectives and the unique features your site would require to meet them.

Strategy and Prototyping

We Involve the Whole Team

Next, we take the insights from the brainstorming phase and use them to prepare recommendations for you that integrate various creative and design elements. At this stage, we invest in cross-departmental collaboration to get input from all the Tech Garage experts to bring your project to life. Our goal is to support your business objectives throughout the web development journey

Understand the Web Development Process

Tech Garage Experts Take the Following Steps


Research & Planning

We identify any and all issues.



Focusing on visual appeal.


Content Writing

We write engaging content.


Coding & SEO

Creating and optimizing the website.


Testing & Review

Check and re-check the final design.


Launch & Maintenance

Upload, fix issues and keep updating.

Languages and Platforms

Meeting the Business Objectives

After analyzing the nature of your business and your preferences, Tech Garage web developers choose the most suitable programming language and platform for your website. For example, retail businesses require e-commerce websites developed in Magento, Shopify, etc.

API Integration

Seamless Interaction Between Platforms

API integration ensures that your website works flawlessly with external platforms like Google Maps, WhatsApp, CRMs and such. Our API integration pushes data from one platform to another with efficiency and accuracy, not only saving the customer’s time, but resulting in data synchronization as well.

Maintenance and Support

Ongoing Bug Fixes and Updates

We understand that a website is more of a service than a product. Therefore, once your website is live, our developers run regular diagnostics and maintenance checks to keep it up to date. Our goal is to fix any problems as fast as we can. Moreover, as the requirements of your business change over-time, we make changes to your website to suit your current needs.

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